Trekking routes

“Gasculsieca” is a gastronomic-cultural route that offers you the opportunity to know all the available heritage in town… and believe me, that is plenty.

Regarding to monumental and cultural, the town has a great variety of historical traces, from the first prehistoric settlers to our present, going through the different periods and civilizations that have run through our town. In respect of gastronomy, you will know on first-hand the best products available in this land of Alcala: olive oil and green asparagus; two two essential gems in the local cusine, for their nutritional and healthy values. We will show you the process of these products from growing to the table; its collection, handling and production, ending with the tasting of its stews. Your palate never had a better tribute. You will know and taste the flavor of our best pork sausages as well as a great diversity of products from our “Sierra de Cádiz”. We can guarantee, after passing through our route, that its price is worthy according to cultural and gastronomic value, rich in variety, quality and exquisiteness.

“Secaenmo”, walking between Alcalá-Setenil mills. It is a hiking trail, still under construction, from Alcalá del Valle to Setenil de las Bodegas, where we will walk along a path that mixes sports, nature and history.

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