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Customs for weddings in Ukraine

In Ukraine, wedding customs are rich and varied, reflecting both national and regional beliefs. While some of them have Slavic stems, some have assimilated into contemporary marriages and festivities. We’ll discuss a few of them in this article, including bird parties, matchmaking, viewing and commitment ceremonies, and the actual marriage.

A hen bash, which is customarily held two or three days prior to the wedding, is the most significant event for a wedding. It was a somber way to say goodbye to girlhood and used to be an important rite of passage. These days, it’s more of a loud and joyous festival of the last moment the bride does see her associates who are not married before the great day.

The upcoming bride’s home may be visited by the man and his family before the wedding to meet with her and assess the lady. The young woman do emerge wearing her best attire and a flower king after the kid’s household had welcomed them. She may respond to queries and extol her values. She would then be given to the bridegroom by her papa.

The partners swap rings and consume prosecco during the marriage ceremony. They are also given a round loaf of bread known as korovai. Although it looks like a pie, it can be embellished with miniatures and characters. It will be given to the guests of the newlyweds. The bride and groom arrow when they hear their label said, and persons frequently pancakes to the couple.

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